2012, Aliens & You
On December 21, 2012 at 11:11AM our Life on the Earth will change forever. This change will be a positive one for those souls that are "karmic ready" for their ascension. To be karmic-ready start by emptying the mind of human made ideological fraud by accepting that everything you have been told is a lie, a half truth, a conspiracy and very malevolent. Even the Mayan date is a lie - the 2012 prophecy is off by 2+ years. The date on a westernized calendar is the Spring Equinox on March 20th at 17:32 pm in the year 2010.

Learn the truth about the 9/11 attacks as the Greatest Lie disseminated by FoxNews, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC and other networks to the public so far in this century. Learn the truth about this lie and then purge from memory all the negative controls you were brainwashed in to believing.

This mini-series documentary proving the News Media faked the live footage:
Copy and paste link to watch all 8 parts of the series on one page:

Another Great Lie is the Faked Moon Missions. NASA faked the Apollo Moon missions because of this video collection of proof that uses NASA"s own footage to prove they faked going to the Moon. Watch the movie:

More lies lies lies.....NASA shows us an egg for Earth

The most influential perpetrators disseminating this evil swill of lies are basically known, common knowledge, as public servants, heroes and legends. These figureheads (like Ronald Reagan) are possessed by alien multi-dimensional beings who use their physical bodies to implement their hidden agenda. These alien beings are rotting inside and out and by nature"s own course are trying to save themselves from extinction. Their battle is being played out here in our reality and as we (the people) approach December 21, 2012 our time, as much as these misguided evil aliens, is running out. By 2012 some of us will see ourselves evolve exponentially in higher consciousness. We will also see the evil alien possessed world leaders bring humanity"s unfortunate - those that don"t evolve - to the unimaginable horror. Imagine if Bush and Reagan (Reagan bangs Bush) can pedophile rape inside the nation"s capitol then what could that possibly mean for the average citizen...

Just before the magnetic poles of Earth shift in 2012 and just before 5 to 6 billion people die from huge tidal waves, tsunamis, earthquakes and fire, the individual soul will make the choice for ascension into the 5th dimension or to remove all of one"s karmic knowledge by reincarnating back as a fish to try to repeat the meaning of life all over again. That ultimate choice can be influenced now by learning the truth that everything you have ever been told is a lie - created by humans possessed by aliens.

There are less than 5 years remaining for the 3rd Dimensional Earth Life as we know it.
Infinite Love starts by learning the who what why where when and how one can transcend karmic wisdom, that envelopes your 3rd dimension, in order to ascend as an enlightened soul through higher dimensions. It"s time to start learning the truth about everything.

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