California 1974
Tuesday April 9
Barb Went down to Fisherman's Wharf, looked at some of the boats. Then the kids went to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. It was really neat. Two headed sheep and chain carved out of wood. We spent an hour and a half looking around. Mom and dad got some clams and shrimp and sourdough bread and everybody tasted it. Then we went to the Cannery, a shopping center. The boys left in a hurry and the girls bought earrings and a chain to match. Went to Safeway and got lunch. Ate it in Oakland after going across the Golden Gate Bridge. Drove down the sea cliff and seal rock. I found a piece of driftwood. Drove through GG Park and went through Japanese Garden, Went to Chinatown and bought postcards, chains, earrings, pennants, etc' Tried some Chinese food-a sesame cookie, Chinese sponge cake and fish pastry. Everything was very eggy. Then we went to Ghirardelli Square. Girls tried ice cream. We saw 'The San Francisco Experience' a movie with a lot of special effects. When we got back to the car, Scott had eaten a clam after breaking it open. Yum, yum. He also had five slices of baloney for lunch. For supper, mom made chili and French bread!

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