California 1974
Friday, March 22
mom 7:30am 78998.0
Blue Mound, pop. 261 (Ed. note: current pop is 757)
We had breakfast in Verona
dad 11:45am Stopped at Dickeyville and saw the Grotto
tom Sir Houston thrown from WI to IL and over the Mississippi River and from IL to IA in less than 5 minutes.
laurie Gas-Dubuque IA. 13.9 gallons, 53.9 cents/gal = $7.00
Visited New Mellery. Met Irish Monk. Gave us caramels.
barb Stopped in Amana, IA. (Home of Amana refrigerators, etc.) Pennsylvania Dutch people. Went into general store (bought cashews). Some antiques, glassware. Went to winery. Tasted rhubarb and cherry wines (Rotten!)
mom Went past "Whatcheer" and "Hardingrundy" Iowa.
We had a delightful dinner in Council Bluffs-McDonalds! The motel is swell and all in all, we've had a very good day. 580 miles-no gas problems. The monk was delightful! So was Dickeyville. All those stones, numerals, geodes-We are going to hand out 100 mile treats tomorrow. Bad --- earlier and cold weather here in Council Bluffs.
barb At McDonalds-the biggest bunch of GREASE! All these guys with hair half way down their back. Just about every car had headers. (Ed. note: How did she know what that was??) All you could hear was "VROOM VROOOOM". All the McDonalds people were looking at us, especially when dad asked for green shakes! It didn't help much when they didn't have any idea what "shamrock shakes" were. We ordered 18 hamburgers, 8 shakes, a root beer, & 9 fries--yum, yum!

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