California 1974
Monday, March 25th

Mom Mileage 80108. Picked up John and mom and x-rays. Aunt Marilyn sent cold tostadas! And many toys. Left nice Newton.

Barb We got to Oklahoma City (oh-the capital at OK City had an oil well in front) and had McDonald��s for lunch. Mother was disjoint about the universal joint. We went to a Gulf station across the street from the Holiday Inn and Motel Six. We were detained about an hour and a half while the car was fixed. Then on to TEXAS! The scenery was beautiful. The gorges were gorgeous! We were the only ones on the highway for a mile in front and back. We saw some small buttes and came into Amarillo at sunset (8:45). We ate moldy tor-til-las and taa-cos for supper. And soup, pickles, soda and drumsticks. M-M. John, mom, and dad got up at 3am and went to the hospital because Bagus�� fingers turned blue. All in all, a great day.



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