California 1974
Tuesday, March 26th

Laurie mileage: 80613

Barb Got up at 8:00 and threw all the garbage away. Two pounds down the toilet, put the tortillas in a corner. Oil, cinnamon, coffee, newspapers, etc.. Left at about 10:00am en route to Santa Fe and Albuquerque! On the way, there was a turn in the road. It was fun. Saw four antelope playing.

Laurie Went to Old Town. Bought junk. Motel 6 (M6) nice. Went swimming in heated pool at 9:30.

Barb Stopped at Tucumcari to get the car fixed and waited at the Holiday Inn near Albuquerque. We were in mountains at 8000 ft. Susie drove-exciting. Went swimming in pool, ate supper at Kentucky Friend Chicken. Went to Old Town. It was the best part of the day! All kinds of junk and souvenirs. Everybody bought some perfume, pottery, sombreros, etc.. The town was quite interesting. The houses were very old.


Hog Calling Time in Nebraska

When it's hog calling time in Nebraska,

When it's hog calling time in Nebraska,

When it's hog calling time in Nebraska,

Then it's hog calling time in Nebraska!

(Courtesy of the 1974 Forensics team. Hee Hee!)

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