California 1974
Wednesday, March 27

Laurie Mileage 80942

Barb Mom and boys washed laundry at Albuquerque, while girls went through Old Town again. Bought cactus candy.

Dad Stopped for lunch on I40 at Co----

Barb Near Arizona state line, we were stopped for an inspection (citrus fruits, apples, plants, etc). One quite unfortunate lady had a plant. However, it grew out of the top of the car. She also had quite a few other plants in the back of the car. Too bad. We went to Acoma Indian houses on top of a mesa 400 feet high. We took a tour and then SABTD walked 400 feet down the mesa and got a picture taken on the side of the mesa. Saw the picture of San Jose in chapel. Walls were 9 feet deep. Everything was too quiet. It would drive me bananas. Beautiful scenery! We decide we like New Mexico best! Stopped at Winslow. Manager of Motel 6 a bad guy so we didn������t stay. Went on to Flagstaff and stayed at a Ramada Inn. It was very nice. Ate supper at Big Boy. Nine BB Combinations. Hee Hee.


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