California 1974
Thursday, March 28

Thursday March 28

Barb 81326. Started off to Grand Canyon. Saw the San Francisco Mountains on the way. Some of them were snow-capped.

Mom We stayed at the Little Colorado viewing area. Unbelievably lovely. Mom bought a pendant from a Navaho lady who had her jewelry spread out on a blanket as she worked. We are traveling the south rim. The dog is scared! When we don���������t see the canyon it is similar to the Nicolet National Forest at home. We stopped at Hopi Indian tower and Andy leaned (Nut!) John bought a drum and Dan and Tom a quiver with pencil arrows. We ate in Williams-peanut butter and pickle. Sky is very blue-warm-nice.

Tom? We stopped to empty in Seligman.

Barb We saw about 25 cows. There was about 140 acres to ���������roam��������� in, but they walked single file next to the fence.

Mom We found a Motel 6 and had HOME MADE sloppy Joes! Susie feels rotten! Barb got a cute swimming suit. John and Dan wrote cards to school.

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