California 1974
Sunday, March 31

Barb 82219. We got up and put on our clothes in the Laundromat. Went to 11:00 Mass at Blessed Sacrament church in Westminster. Quite unusual. We toured the Universal Studios after a half hour wait. Everybody enjoyed this tour. We rode a tram most of the way. We toured dressing rooms, sound stages-where we saw special effects and a haunted castle. Then we rode through the back lot and saw Marcus Welby¢s house, a house on fire and the Red Sea parting for us. We saw a flash flood. Then we got off the tram and saw a stunt show and an animal show with the cutest Border collie. We rode up Mulholland drive and saw gorgeous houses. We drove down Wilshire Blvd. and then home. It¢s cold!



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