California 1974
Tuesday April 2

Mom 82428. Hooray! It’s sunny! Boo-Susie’s cold is BAD. We are on our way to Busch Gardens. Dan talked to ducks. Boys took flume ride eight times. We took a 20 minute Tropical Cruise. Andy sampled Busch Bavarian. Girls bought stickers (?) Dad and mom sat at Michelob Pavilion. Good time! Pictures taken with eagle. The bird show was great! We saw cockatoos riding bikes and then later saw the cutest penguins and sea otters. We loved it-but it was very cold. The magic show was great. A girl was put in boxes and pulled apart-hunh? The magician put her in a cube and she disappeared. NEAT. We found out later that it was one of the best magic companies in the country.

Barb We went to NBC. We had a very nice guide-Cathy. She showed us Johnny Carson’s set and other studios. We saw Fred DeCordova, producer of J Carson, and Johnny’s car (license plate “360 guy�) an olive green Mercedes Benz. We went through a scene studio and saw costumes. Everybody got a cue card and we previewed a little of Bob Hope. We went past Olvera Street and looked around at it. Then we went home and had chili in a cup.

http://www.seeing-stars.com/StudioTours/NBCtour.shtml (Ed. note: this is a commentary from a somewhat jaded tourist, but it brought back my memories of our going through the lot.)

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