California 1974
Wednesday, April 3

Mom DISNEYLAND!! We got up early and Sue and Mom went to Westminster County Hospital to check out her cold. Tetracycline and expectorant. We got to Disneyland about ten in the morning and stowed Scott at the kennel. Then with Ohs and Ahs, we started. First, Pirates of the Caribbean, then the Haunted House. Both were super. Seeing ghosts appear next to you is SOMETHING ELSE. Then we had lunch at an outdoor café. Yellow Umbrellas. Pretty. We had hamburgers, coleslaw, and soda and fries for $1.35. We saw the “America the Beautiful� movie-9 sided! And traveled through a microscope to appear so small that we could see the electrons of a snowflake molecule passing around us. We split-SABLT went off and DJ& MD stayed together. We saw the Jungle Cruise and the elephants bathing and the hippos. It was a neat boat ride. Then the Swiss Family Robinson House in a tree. I loved it. It looked like the book said. We took the Santa Fe and Disneyland RR all around the park. Oh-I forgot. We also went on the “People movers� in the beginning. Then D&J went on the Matterhorn Bobsleds and came off breathless! They said it was great! We went on “It’s a Small World� – cute! Dad and mom took D&J to submarine and then we went to Bear Country Jamboree. Oh wow. Forgettable! We had a mint julep and the boys went on the Jets and had a cake. Then we went on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Silly. Mom screamed. We rode a Casey Jr. railroad after the skyway. The boys rode the Columbian (a sailing ship) and mom went shopping. (didn’t get anything) Kids got t-shirts and earrings and pennants, etc… Barb had a frozen banana. We came back to motel and collapsed. SABLT: Matterhorn, Autopia, Submarine, Small World, Mr. Toad, Skyway to Adventureland, Tinkerbell ride, Swiss Family Tree house, and the railroad.

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