California 1974
Saturday, April 6th

Barb Got up at 6:00 and MDSABLDJ went to Mexico again. Tom stayed home with Scott. On the five miles before the border, the radiator hose broke. We waited while it was fixed.

Mom Then we finally found a place to park in Tijuana-and John got his fingers caught in the door. He screamed and sobbed ���Oh no, not another one!��� But in an hour he was fine. We shopped and shopped and bargained and found a chess set for the boys, an onyx box for Laurie. Sue bought a box for Mary and Barb got her bracelet. The girls all bought flowers. Gorgeous. We spent about an hour in customs and when it was our turn, the customs man asked what we had to declare and dad said ���About 30 dollars worth of JUNK!��� The guy cracked up. We drove back to San Diego and spent $120 and 2 �� hours on a new tail pipe and two tires. We had Burger King, drove a long time and got to Morro Bay about 9pm.

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