California 1974
Sunday, April 7

Mom We went to St Timothy’s for Mass. Nice church. We all got palms. Then LTJ stayed at the motel and MDSABD “went down to the seaâ€�. We had a lovely walk along the coast. Kids in the breakers. We froze our feet but it was fun. We went back to the pool for an hour or so and then everybody went back to the beach. We collected clams and sand dollars and walked about three miles! Tide was out. Dan was official collector. We all showered and got dressed and went down to the fishing dock for supper at Bob’s Fish n’ Chips. It was delicious. $1.10 Root beer super tarter sauce marvelous.  (Ed note: there are several references to fish n’ chips for Morro Bay, so do your own Google search and salivate!) We walked the length of the dock and bought some salt water taffy. Assorted – yumm. Dad and mom did laundry and kids went to A&W. PS – Scott loved being on the beach. He raced and raced all over.

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