California 1974
Monday, April 8

Mom 83285. We drove in the fog and couldn’t see the sea as well. Out toward the end it cleared. We bought breakfast at the Big Sur. ($1.10 for juice! We didn’t buy that!) The sweet rolls were named “bear claws�. Dan unfortunately chucked the whole thing at Monterey Peninsula. We drove the 17 mile drive at Monterey and saw Pebble Beach Golf Club, the Lone Cyprus and some beautiful surf. Then we drove to San Francisco and called on Noreen who had us all come up. She had baked chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies and delicious black bottom cupcakes. (Ed note: see Haig cookbook for recipe) It started to rain, so the girls changed into pants and we got out our ski jackets. Noreen went out for chicken and we STUFFED ourselves. (Isn’t this when we saw Hank Aaron hit home run 714?) After dinner, we went out on the town and rode the cable cars. First, though, we stopped at the new Hyatt House Regency hotel in downtown. It’s very unusual-a woman was playing the harp in the courtyard or lobby and it seemed just the right music. The lobby is 17 stories high and has balconies all over. Can’t explain, but it was neat. We drove to Fisherman’s Wharf and them backed and took the cable car. What fun. It had stopped raining and we had a beautiful shiny view of the city. Then we walked up the hills and took another cable car the other way. We really had a good time. We took Noreen home. Barbie called Jim and we left for Oakland. We got home about midnight beat, and didn’t even undress. Slept till 9:30 the next morning.



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