California 1974
Thursday, April 11

Mom 83797. Tom and mom ate glassy pickles for breakfast. And then we went to the wine country. We tasted Chenin Blanc, Gamay Rose, petite syrah, and Zinfandel. Liked Chenin Blanc best. Tom likes (Ed note: WHAT? We got to taste this? And we just found the label from the Chenin Blanc in the scrapbook) Gamay Rose (kinda). Bought some wine. Nice tour.

Laurie We are a mile high and snow is on the mountains and Barb is in her swimming suit! We saw ski chalets and many beautiful trees and mountains.

Mom Altitude is 7227. Skiers and ski tows. Sun shining. Beautiful mountain scenery. 5:30pm: Nevada! And the beautiful Truckee River. We went to the Motel 6 and got there on time by dad¢s watch- 1 minute late by the manager-he gave our rooms to someone else. Phooey! The Holiday Inn took us and although the pool was not heated, it was a nice one. We went to supper at Bob¢s Big Boy and Barb limped in because she lost her shoe. Dinner was good-Laurie had her pancakes and Barb, her chicken. Laurie won and so did Andy on the slots. We drove down to the casino area and looked around. Then the kids stayed at the motel and dad and mom took a shuttle bus down. Grubby casinos! We lost about $1.00. Nothing compared to Las Vegas. Dan slipped the chain on the door and we were locked out. Finally we woke Dan and he let us in, but he doesn¢t remember.

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