California 1974
Sunday, April 14

Mom Susie and Andy finally off at 8am. The Easter Bunny left a big “Oswald� in mom and dad’s window. Kids had egg hunt. Some eggs were black! We had breakfast. LTJ and M drove to Temple Square and toured the Tabernacle. Very interesting. Bought some copper bracelets. Then we picked up DB and dad and drove to Park City to pick up Sue and Andy. We took the ski gondola up to 9400 ft. It was spectacular! We saw Sue and Andy come off the hill and then we zoomed to town, changed clothes (Laurie lost the heel to her shoe) and went to Mass at the Cathedral of the Medoline. We went out to dinner and had STEAK-it was delicious. Then we toured the Temple Square again and bought some more copper for Noreen and Grandma. Home to bed. Susie and Andy are beat! They had a blast!

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