California 1974
Tuesday, April 16

Barb (taken from Dan¢s notebook) 85485. We did a lot today. First we went to the mint. We saw copper rolls, blank pennies and $1,000,000 in gold bars. We read how they make pennies. Then we went to the Air Force Academy. John picked up something on a telephone. We saw a movie on the Air Force. After that, we went to lunch (in Colorado Springs). After lunch we drove down William¢s Canyon. Then we saw a shop with a camera obscura and saw Scott jumping around in the car. Then we went back to the AFA because everything else was closed.

Mom William¢s Canyon was really neat-a miniature Grand Canyon. We toured the Garden of the Gods and saw beautiful reddish sandstone formations. Then we went back to the AFA and watched indoor ice skating for a while. Then we went over to Arnold Hall and waited for a speech by Werner von Braun. General Clark was seated right in front of us. And Dr Von Braun was introduced to him not five feet from us. The speech was attended to by all the cadets. Dr von Braun¢s speech was terrific! We talked about it all the way back to the motel.



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