California 1974
Friday, March 29th

Mom 81663. We are on our way to the Hoover Dam! We are traveling through hilly desert-beautiful cactus. Great tour but dad and mom were the only ones impressed. Kids were ho-hum all the way. We hit a Texaco station ���out of regular��� but next station was fine. Las Vegas downtown. Dad won $5 on a nickel slot! We got a glass of champagne free and lots of small slot machines. We went to Sambo���s for a non-meat supper and then took the little boys home. SABLT and M&D got all dressed up. We went casino hopping. MGM just gorgeous, Caesar���s Palace, Circus Circus, Riviera. We saw the Lennon sisters in the parking lot. We went to the Landmark and the general manager escorted us to the 27th floor. Then dad and mom went to the Tropicana to see Ann Margret. $30 and two drinks. She wore a gorgeous silver dress and did a motorcycle routine. Home at 3am.

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