California 1974
Friday, March 22
Milwaukee to Council Bluffs

Saturday March 23
Council Bluffs to Witchita

Sunday, March 24

Monday, March 25th
Wichita to Amarillo

Tuesday, March 26th
Amarillo to Santa Fe

Thursday, March 28
The Grand Canyon

Friday, March 29th
Hoover Dam to Las Vegas

Saturday, March 30
Las Vegas

Sunday, March 31
Universal Studios

Sunday, April 7
Morro Bay

Monday, April 8
O Henry!

Wednesday, April 10
San Francisco

Thursday, April 11
Napa to Reno

Friday, April 12
Reno to Salt Lake City

Saturday, April 13
Salt Lake City

Sunday, April 14
Park City

Monday, April 15
Salt Lake to Denver

Tuesday, April 16
Colorado Springs

Wednesday, April 17
Denver to Rapid City

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