Six Months Later... on 6/6/2002
So here i am in the Big Easy. Nawlins, baby. But not for long. In only two weeks i'm off to Europe.
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So December was the last month of work. I went home for the holidays and when i came back, there was no more job, so i went skiing in lake tahoe for my birthday. Crash got laid off a week later and Feiber was ready to leave, too, so we all moved out of the house in Millbrae and went on our own by the end of February.

What's strange is that since I found so few outlets for my love in SF, that it wasn't so hard to leave. i miss bill and jason and charis and i really miss working at thrive. crash and i drove to tahoe together and we stayed at jackies. Jackie put us up for two or three days and jason and charis and bill and ligia came up for the end of the weekend to say a final goodbye. from there i headed thru nevada down into Southern Utah. I saw the Olympic flad run by a few days before the games began. From there I went down to bryce canyon utah and the canyon lands. spectacular stuff. i took a long hike/run down into the canyon and it was stunning. I should get those photos developed!

So from Bryce I drove all the way into Colorado and stayed somewhere near Durango, but didn't have much fun. From there I went to Santa Fe and stayed with Tim, Yvette, Amelia and Nick for a whole week. I went skiing by myself one day at Santa Fe, then went downhilling with Spewie who flew in from DC and Silver Dog who came in from SF at Taos. Now that was a fucking trip. A lot of runs were closed, but we did manage to hike up to the most insane skiing I had ever done. Then, with Tad and Adele in Santa Fe too, we headed back to Taos and Yerted for 2 nights. It was pretty gol darn nice. We skiied up to Gold Hill and made a pretty insane bob-ski trail near the yert.

After driving across Texas and hanging with John McGee in Austin, I made it to New Orleans. New Orleans has been pretty nice for me. I've been able to learn a lot about building reconstruction, play a lot of ultimate, play a lot of music, keep up with bagus.org, meet a lot of people and lay low. I'm now just 8 days away from going to Europe.

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