Portfolio Letter on 10/31/2002
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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the offer of shopping my skills around. I'd really appreciate any leads and I'd love to work together with you on some projects.

I have over 8 years of Web site development experience including over 3 as Director of Production at the Webby Award winning health site, ThriveOnline, and three years starting one of the first Web agencies in San Francisco, Organic Online.

I have a deep understanding of Web site project process and the importance of quality control. From leading initial strategy sessions, to developing requirements documents and schedules, I ensure all the talent working together understands project goals. Through design reviews, the development of site architectures, and the creation of lists of deliverables for artists, editors and others involved, I ensure projects move forward with little wasted effort.

Web sites never seem to stay the same, so whether writing in HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl or CSS, my goal in every project I touch is to create scalable, clean, elegant coding structures that ensure changes can be made easily by clients, editors and less technical producers.

At Organic, and through my own consulting efforts, I've developed more that 70 web sites and uniquely designed web projects. While many of the sites I've built over the last 8 years have been redesigned, my complete client list is available here:

At Thrive, I directed the development of dozens of complex interfaces for deep health related projects. These extremely heavy pages (~4meg) have screen shots of dozens of the projects that I directed and coded at Thrive:

In addition, I've developed my own Java based publication system that uses a MySql backend. This very flexible tool provides web based administration tools for content sites with up to 8 levels of navigation. These intelligent tools store content, architecture and design parameters in separate database tables to allow for rapid collaborative web site design, editing and production using only a web browser. There are many projects on my server currently using this same technology:
http://www.bagus.org/ (home page)
http://www.bagus.org/survivorswall/ (the survivors wall)
http://www.bagus.org/sexedmom/ (Sex Ed Mom)
http://www.bagus.org/tsg/ (the Tibet Support Groups Contact Database)

My clients and co-workers have appreciated how my strategic and technical sensibilities result in quality sites delivered on time. The interfaces are intuitive, consistent, cross platform compliant, easy to maintain and hit the mark. I can provide references upon request. My resume is included below and is online in more depth at:

Thank you again for any leads you may be able to send my way.

John Haig

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