Cover Letter 2004 on 10/18/2004
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I'm looking for placement as a web application developer. I'm living in New Orleans, Louisiana and saw your posting on Nola.com. I am willing to be relocated to the West coast or the Washington DC area. I'd also consider jobs in Milwaukee, Chicago or Ann Arbor. Of course a good match is a good match and I'd like to hear about any opportunites.

I'm a Web Developer with over 10 years professional web development experience. I've been programming PHP and Java since 1999 and I also am currently managing art catalogs, calendars, and e-commerce stores with PHP for clients in New Orleans and San Francisco. I am familiar with PostgreSQL and have been employed coding .Net applications. I am very experienced with many flavors of Unix and Windows operating systems.

In 1994, I was on the start up team of Organic Online, the first Web Development Agency in San Francisco! I've project managed and coded on over 50 sites for clients such as Saturn Cars, Levis, McDonalds, Sybase, Volvo, Club Med and more. My complete client list is included in my portfolio.

I began coding dynamic server pages in 1998 using Apache’s JServ and other freeware page compilation technologies. Using MySql as a backend, I built a fully functional web-based content management system that allows for easy management of hierarchical web content trees.

From 1999 to the end of 2001, I was the Director of Web Development for Oxygen Media. I directed a team of 5 engineers and coded extensively in perl. Our site, Thriveonline.com, a 30,000-page health site, won Webby Awards in 2000 and 2001. We used a ATG Dynamo application server extensively and I received training and developed applications in this J2EE environment. I also coded XML extensively within the Interwoven Teamsite framework.

Currently I am taking on clients while looking for a more full time position. One project I recently completed was the installation of the WebSphere Applications Servers for the State of Louisiana at www.la.gov. I installed WebSphere on two separate machines and created two separate DB2 instances. I also installed IBM Edge Server Caching Proxy and continue to fine-tune the performance of these machines.

Please view my resume and portfolio and would appreciate any help you can be in getting placed. I’m available for interviewing at your convenience. I’d love to be able to talk in more detail about my credentials and experience. You can reach me at bagus@cox.net or by phone at 504.289.2116.

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