Ye olde Krewe
Big Chief on 10/31/2002
audio linkThis is even super simpler 12 bar pattern in Eb. By Earl King. Supposed to be at 154 bpm, but that's really insane.
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The way this song goes is that the piano gets the first 12 bars solo, then the drums, the bass and the rest of the band comes in for the second 12. By the third 12 I usually am singing. One should know that the bass does an Eb Db C to a rhumba beat. The rhythm is kinda tricky but good to try to figure out.

Me got a fire me can't put out
Me fire watter gonna make me shout
Me goin down and get my squaw
Me gonna buy me a great big car
Me gonna do everything me could
Me big chief I'm feeling good

Me big chief I got a tribe
Got my squaw right by my side
My spy boy just went by
My flag boy is full of fire
Me whoe tribe's a having fun
We gonna dance til the morning comes.

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