2014 03 11 set list on 3/11/-1000
 I'm your Boogie Man
 Shake your booty
 Going down to Mexico
 I got a feeling
 Want some love
 Already know
 Heard it through the grapevine

 Party time
 Bayou St. John
 You got me baby 
 Clear Your Mind
 Let it Flow 
 Express yourself
 Bitter blues
 Leave it at that.

All of the things that we don't 
Ayuda Me by Bagus 
Bayou St. John by Bagus 
Bitter Blues 
Clear Your Mind by Bagus 
Funky Monkey by Bagus 
Get Up and Dance by Bagus 
I want some Love by Bagus 
I want them too by Bagus 
I've got a feeling 
It's about that time by Bagus 
Keep it Grooving by Bagus 
Know Where It's going by Bagus 
Momma's Hot House Groove by Bagus 
Party Time by Bagus 
Running From The Nun by Bagus 
That's what I'm talking about by Bagus 
The Time is Right by Bagus 
This is not our war by Bagus 
To the Sky by Bagus 
What's Up Man by Bagus 
You Already Know by Bagus 

Boogie Nights
Boogie On Reggae Woman
Staying Alive
Jive Talkin
Get Down Tonight

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