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Charity Event! Rosedale Lantern Festival on 9/20/2014

Music by Krewe De Groove!

October 11, 2014 6-9pm

The RHGNA Board is busy planning out first charity event!

A Lantern Festival at the Harvard Gulch Golf Course & Clubhouse will be held on October 11, 2014.

The benefiting local charity will be announced soon.

The Lantern Festival will feature:
  • A Lantern Trail
  • Kids Games
  • Refreshment Stand
  • Silent Auction
  • Musical Entertainment

Entry is $3/adult and free for children under 16 accompanied by a parent.  Early ticket sales will begin soon. Tickets also available at the gate.

Neighborhood schools and artists are creating some fantastic lantern sculptures for the Lantern Trail.  
Create your own, LED-lit candle lantern and bring it to the event.  Hand held paper lanterns will be available for rental at the gate.  No open flames are permitted.

Checks will be accepted for Silent Auction items.  Cash only for remainder of event.


If you'd like to participate in planning the event or participate the night of the event, please  contact Suzanne to volunteer to help!  Volunteers and their families get in free!

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