Leave a Tip by Bagus
Verses: E D A E
E G G A, E G G D
Let it Flow

Let it glow let it show
Let it flow let it grow
Let the sky in my eye
Let it fly on by

Let it wax let it wane
Relax don't be afraid
You gotta take a little pain
If you want a little gain

Be alive be aware
Wave your hands in the air
You got friends everywhere
If you dare enough to care

Inner peace you can find
Just unwind in your mind
We are all intertwined
Treat people kind
Let it rock, let it roll
Let it dance and trance
Let it hip let it hop
Let it funk let it pop

Let it chime let it rhyme
Let em sing let it ring
Keep in time with the lines
Shake that thang

Feel the groove make you move
Feel the beat in your feet
Feel the tone in your bones 
Give your spirit a treat.

Feel the syncopation
Of the notation
The instrumentation 
of Improvisation
Let it ride let it slide
Let it slur let it purr
Not to hard, not too light
Play that funky music tight

Take it easy don't stay blue
Leave space to be you
Hang it loose, smooth
Got nothing to lose

Don't get hung up on yourself
Leave that crap on the shelf
Let it pass, let it be
Give it time, then you'll see

Jump and skip take a trip
It don't matter if you're hip
All our life is just a blip
Don't forget to leave a tip.

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