Already Know by Bagus
C&F throughout.

Tell you bout the times they had to stand in lines
Stuck together through it and came out fine
Got it going brother can you spare a dime?
Tell you what it's like, But you Already Know

Talk about the time there were separate rules
For where to sit on a bus and where to go to school.
Took a lot of talkin and took a lot of cool. 
Black Lives Matter! But you already know.

Tell you bout the times where it wasn't a crime
To trump up a war and put us on the line
Saying it was the biggest threat of all time
Did it for the oil, but you already know

Talkin bout my planet so nice and green
Prettiest place that I've ever seen.
We're heating up the air and chopping down the trees
Gotta cool it down, but you Already Know

I tell you that I love you now that's no like.
Give it on back and you make me feel high
All that we are is just a dot in the sky
Love makes it beautiful. But you Already Know

©Copyright 2007 Bagus. All rights reserved
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