You got me baby by Bagus
Verse: E
Chorus pt 1 : E A Am DEbE.
Chorus pt 2: E D E D
Jams are chorus part 1.

You got me baby
You got me down on my knees
Give me some loving
I'm beggin you please

You got me baby
You got all that I need
You know I want you
You are my birds and my bees

You got me baby
You can set me free
I got to have you
Be my fantasy

You got me baby
You know that I ain't a liar
The way you please me
Is setting me on fire

You got me baby
I'm coming for you
Come on baby
Ain't nothing I can do

You got me baby
You're driving me wild
The way you shake it
The way that you smile

You got me baby
In the palm of your hand
You'll be my lady
And I'll be your man.

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