Funky Monkey by Bagus
verse: E G E D
Chorus: E
Interlude E D Eb E
I was walkin down the street
Fell into a funky beat
Seemed like every one I meet
Did the funky monkey with their feet

Do the monkey, the funky monkey.x4

I was goin on my on my way
Seemed like a pretty normal day
But all the monkeys were out to play
Every body started to sway..

Just when I turned on the TV
What do you think that I see?
All them monkeys looked like me
Getting funky, freaky and free!

Once while i was on LSD
I took a trip up in a tree
Started hanging upside down, and said
There's a lot of monkeys in this town

When I got back on the ground
Thought I heard a funky sound
Oh those drums began to pound
And all the monkeys were dancin around

Some are black and some are white
Some are dressed out of site
Everyone better hold on tight
We're doing the funky monkey tonight.

©Copyright 2007 Bagus. All rights reserved
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