925 Blink of an Eye by Bagus
Chorus Gb Db C F
Bridge: Bb Ab Db Ebx4 then FFFFF
Get up, get it moving, come on lets keep it grooving
Get up, get it moving, Come on lets keep it grooving
What up, how you doing? Are you ready for some music
Jump up, you can do it, time to move your booty

We gonna party and show you a good time
Come on and dance, and lay it on the line.

Shake it up, don't lose it, gonna keep it crusin
Light it up, I ain't foolin, Ain't no overdoing
Be you be mine, Wave your hands up in the sky
Feel the beat, in your feet, get down to the music

Gonna lay it down and keep it in the groove
Come on baby, let me see you move

Bridge. Bb Ab Db Eb, Bb Ab F, Bb Ab, Eb, Bb Ab Db Eb F FFFFF etc.


Rise up, be alive, get past that 925
Be you, be mine, gotta do more than survive
Wanna live and fly, it goes by in the blink of an eye
No time to stand by, gotta at least give it a try.

It's time to boogie and leave that all behind
Gonna funk you up til you open up your mind.

It's time to party and have a real good time
Don't let your worries upset your mind



old key: 
Verses: E -> E9. 
Chorus: C G F# B

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