Draining Me by Bagus
Verses: D A Bb C (dancy) 
Chorus (Bb C D)
D A Bb C (dancy)
It just won't stop, you're draining me
Keeping everyone from hearing my plea
Gotta simplify and make it light
How come everything must be such a fight

We could be growing strong and building fast
All that I am talking about is meant to last
We could be taking on so many leads
But every time I try you keep stifling me.

Chorus (Bb C D)
All the things that you want to do
Don't you know that I want them too
All the things that you want to do
Don't you know that I want them too

Why can't you see I care for you
And only want to make things easy to do
You've got your ways, what can I say
Keepin that up will put us in our graves

Tell me why we don't let it fly
Leave that all behind and give it a try
You are my friend until the end
LEt's get this behind us and things will mend


IT's hard to change, it may seem strange
To see some of your past going down the drain
But that's a load that's got to go
It's weighing everybody so we can't grow

You'll still be strong, you can just stop
Working every body until they drop
It's a good song, but don't take me wrong
We've been together for so very long


You've got to believe, it's the way to grow
Leave that crap behind and away we'll go
It won't take long to make it be
If you want you can leave it all to me

I'll clean it up and when we're live
We'll really be grooving and that ain't no jive
Talking it thru, we can do
All of the things that you want to do.

©Copyright 2007 Bagus. All rights reserved
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