Take you on the town by Bagus
Gonna take you to the sky
Gonna teach you how to fly
And if it feels alright
We're gonna get down

Girl you're feeling so fine
And your lips taste just like wine
Cuz it seems so right
We're gonna get down

Gonna love you all the time
Gonna lay it on the line
Gonna get a little high...then
We gonna get down

Gotta feel it in your soul
Like you're singing rock and roll
gonna give a little howl
We gonna get down.

Gonna take you on the town
Gonna laugh around and clown
Gonna get in to that sound
We gonna get down

Gonna show you what I got
Gonna make it steamy hot
Gonna give it my best shot
We gonna get down.

©Copyright 2007 Bagus. All rights reserved
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