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Make a Better World by Earl King


The world we know Was built on skills
But that alone don´t count
Without the sweat, and toil of mine
Well it wouldn´t be worth a dime.

You gotta live and give, Gotta share and care
Really put love in the air
When your neighbour´s down (in trouble), You gotta pick him up
Nobody can live in despair

Everybody let´s sing, sing, sing
Everybody let´s sing, sing, sing
Let´s all pretend, do our thing
Make a better world to live in

Society is our priority,

We´re all one part of the whole
Whenever people shout, You gotta hear them out
´Cause everybody got a beautiful soul

We ought to go together hand in hand
We really got to do our best
Wouldn't it be a better sight to see
A world full of happiness

Chorus x3

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