Marinee Parade
Verse: Bb F
Chorus: Eb Bb, F Bb

Verse 1:
Ya gonna have a real good time
marchin the Marinee second line

everyone gets there by nine
cuz we know it's mardi gras time

Verse 2:
St Ann marches right down Royal street
From Clouet and and Burgandy
On Mardi Gras day there's a beat
Keepin everyone on their feet.

Chorus 1:
       Eb                       Bb
By the R bar we stop to dance around
       Eb                       Bb
In the finest costumes in the town
       Eb                       Bb
Seems we're all floatin off the ground
 F                         Bb
Listenin to that Marinee sound
       F                 Bb
Ain't nothin keepin us down
       F                         Bb F Bb F Bb ...
with colors are flyin round and round.

verse 3:
The krewe goes across esplanade
That's where you'll see dat fine p-rade
marchin thru the quarter all day long
pumpin out song after song.

Verse 4
Everybody marches to the time
of the marinee second line
The trumpet boy he begin to play
With the Trombone leading the way.

Chorus 2.
oo boo ba doo goes the tuba player dude
bam bam bam bam goes the snare
you'll never see anything like it
that's why the tourists all stare
they don't have a costume to wear
no chocolate to make them aware!

There's a bit to play by ear on this song:
1) the number of times thru before singing is variable.
2) after a chorus, jam in Bb and F until someone signals to a jam chorus.

After each chorus, the number of Bb-F-Bb goes up by one.

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