Medicated Goo by Steve Winwood
Intro: D7 G/D

Am/D           G                  F#m  Em D
Pretty Polly Possum what's wrong with you?
Your body's kind a weak
and you think there's nothing we can do
Am/D      G           F#m  Em D
Good Golly Polly shame on you
Cause Molly made a stew that'll
make a newer girl out of you

     Am/D  G        D
So follow me, its good for you
     Am/D            G             D
That good old fashioned Medicated Goo
     Am/D  G        D
Oooh, ooooh, aint' it good for you?
    Am/D            G             D
My own homegrown recipe'll see you thru

Freaky Freddy Frolic had some, I know
He was last seem picking green flowers in a field of snow
Get ready Freddy, they're sure to grow
Mother nature just blew it
and there's nothing really to it I know.


Aunty Franny Prickett and Uncle Lou
They made some Goo
Now they really sock it to their friends
Frantic friends and neighbors charge the door
They caught a little whiff
Now they're digging it and seeking more

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