Change My Ways (part 2)

Change My Ways - Galactic
change my ways 

Verses: A

Chorus: AAAG x2

bridge: C -> Bb G / C  C B Bb A A

                       1                         2                                    3                         4                  

Girl I can't stand                                      when I see you Cryin

when its my own fault baby,            cause you caught me Lyin

you see my eyes                             and girl you  read my Mind

                          little girl i hope you  see that we're             leavin all that behind

baby i'm gonna change     my ways                        Forever from this day, i swear

                      change        my ways                  so Forever our love stays   _wah x6 

             baby_ Instrumental

                    now girl when we're together when we're alone you and Me

              i swear its you forever     but baby i just hope you See yeah   i sure hope you see that

                 i changed             my ways                    Forever from this day  i swear that i have

                changed                my ways yeah           Forever our love stays, that change

    wah BRIDGE come on                girl            wah Girl honey    i swear that i swear that im gonna      

                   change        my ways             im gonna Love you right stay home tonight _wah x6

             baby_  Instrumental


    girl i bet i                                    and girl ive been so Blind well yea  

baby im only _half the man(3/4)                      when youre not right by my Side

      now when were together when we're making love you and  Me

i swear its you and me forever_ and baby i hope you See the real me open up your eyes & see

               change          my ways                          Forever from this day right here and now

               change         my ways                          Forever our love stays, it stays

i'm gonna treat ya better baby, i swear           i'm gonna Love you right day and night

wah baby baby baby �¢?�¦

               change            my ways                        Forever our love stays, it stays

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