Love on the Run

in G. Hits: Bb A Eb F

32 bar intro. 


Everyday people, sing yourself a song

Well my song's not too simple 'bout all these things going wrong in my life

When you woke up, girl lying right next to me

Thinking about all , the things we're gonna see 


If you think, you are making your way

Well my heart, might burn an ugly stake

Ooh you must've forgot HITS This is Love on the Run momma (3/4)

F: Every man she doesn't make a spot And I don't feel like girl leaving you in the dark

Oh you must've forgot. Girl you must've forgot HITS

This is Love on the Run

My bags are packed, The van is outside waiting My heart's at home, And this love is slowly fading

instrumental line

                                                                             I said I'll (4) be not

Girl! Gonna make you hot!                                     You must've forgot!

Jam 20 measures

This is Love on the Run babyÃ??Ã?¦  And I'm outta here

Jam 32 measures.

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