well it used to be easy for me to hang out and get high
what you're going through is killing you now you're shooting me the evil eye
you holler at me, it's ugly to see you hurt yourself and lose your pride
'cause the villain in me is in ecstasy and i'm taking it all in stride

all the rumors will start, don't let 'em tear us apart don't let our love become unbound
you gotta learn to take the destruction, babe what goes around comes around
talk around town is bringing you down can't you see that they're just lies
it don't mean a thing, the mud they sling suspicion's in their eyes, now

'cause I've been villified crossing over to the other side
oh, villified, can't see what's on the inside
what's on the inside

want to talk to you to see you through. some things ain't worth the fight
you know me well enough to try and act tough. what we had was love at first sight

you point at me confused what you see means something you can't find
don't wanna give in, take a look within you gotta stop and check your mind, right now
right now


the talk around town is bringing you down
just can't see what's on the inside

it don't mean a thing, the mud that they sling
they can't see what's on the inside

girl, i've been villified 
yeah, villified, villified, villified

i've been talked about, turned out
but they can't see, they can't see, no 

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