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Hard To Handle by Otis Redding

Hard To Handle (Otis redding)


B Baby here I am, and I'm a man upon the scene

I have to give you what you want but you gotta come home with me

And I got a whole load of good old lovin', and I got some in store

When I get through throwin' it on you got to come back for some more


F# Boys and things will come by the dozen

But that ain't nothing but drug-store lovin'

B Pretty little thing let me light your candle

'Cause mama I'm sure hard to handle



Verse 2:

Actions speak louder than words, and I'm a man with great experience

I know you got you another man but I can love you better than him

Take my hand and don't be afraid, I'm gonna prove every word I say

I'm advertising love for free, so won't you place your ad with me


Chorus (w/A E Bx4)


[Repeat Verse 1]


Chorus (w/A E Bx4)


Solo Verse


Chorus (w/A E Bx4)


Improv over verse:

Give it to me

I got to have it

Gimme some good ol' lovin'

Some of your good lovin'

I'm a big old man


-Fade Out-


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