All of My Friends
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possible lyrics:

all of my friends are getting all funky
all of my friends indeed are spunky
all of my friends descended from a monkey
all of my friends ...
oh, they shake it

and they shake it
yeah they shake it
oh they shake it
come on and shake it

now i just wanted a chance to say 
that I apprecicate you in every way
thanks for coming to see our songs
just for that we'll go long

and rip up the night with funk so bright
it carries you thru the whole damn night
and leaves you at the break of day
sayin omg what a part TAy.

so shake your booty all my friends
shake your booty and raise your hands
show some loving that's how we get thru it
you''ll get it on back if you do it

all ya'll make me feel so good
shaking it down in the neighborhood
smiling and laughing getting along
making it easy to sing this song 

bout all my friends give it up ya'll
be proud of yerself and have a ball
you're so good and part of the scene
listen to this you'll know what I mean

some came together cuz of where we worked
some came together at a bar called cirque
some came round to play some tunes
others I met in this very room

Oh maybe we met on the frisbee fields
or getting out there on only two wheels
or cuz your my brother or my mother now
or maybe I can't even remember how

But I Love YA. Cuz your My Friends

all of my friends mean so much to me
that's all I got now can't you see
Lovin life in our only creed
And let me know if you're ever in need.

so now  shake it
come on and shake it
oh oh take it
and shake it

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