Thrive Projects on 2/18/2003
This will become a complete list of projects launched at Thrive.
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Thrive's Web Services Convergence Report. January 3, 2000

The Web Services department is committed to developing communication and
development strategies and technologies for Thrive and Oxygen business

Recent Editorial project completions:
Serenity Yoga (Jan 2000)
Serenity Inspirations
Serenity Guided Imagery with Real Audio
Serenity Relaxing Rituals (Jan 2000)
Serenity Dream Doc Expert
Nutrition Man in the Kitchen
Nutrition Recipe Makeover
Nutrition Just a Taste
Nutrition Pantry Pyramid
Nutrition Cuisine Quickies
Medical Skin
Medical Pregnancy Area Page
Medical Pregnancy Calendar
Medical Pregnancy Newsletter Technology.
Weight Plus Size
Fitness Expert Loba.
Fitness Toning
Go Guide Summer and Winter updates.
Go Guide road and pollen map fixes.
Sex Ask Sex Ed Mom
Sex Love Tests

We Sweat:
Web site development
Bulletan board development
Chat development
Newsletter setup (Jan-Feb 2000)

Pure Oxygen:
Web development with daily publishing scripts.(Jan 2000)

Fitness Planner
Weight loss planner
Nutrition/Meal planner
Stop smoking Tracker

Convergence related projects:
Thrive navigation redesign including cgi scripts.
Thrive area page redesign
Oxygen nav bars integration
Oxygen Ad integration
Newsletter Development and Redesign (Jan 2000)
New "Events" area (Jan 2000)
New Medical Area Pages (Feb 2000)
Sharable Quiz technologies (Jan 2000)
Sharable Polling technology (Jan 2000)
Sharable greeting cards: (Jan 2000)
Autoresponder for experts.
Ask Oxygen integration
Newsletter Administration scripting for hotmail
Newsletter signup scripting for Dive and new area newsletters
Email page to a friend script.
Image serving from Sandpiper.
Web Tracker Fixed.
To do list creation.
Ongoing Expert Publishing

Other Thoughts:

The new serenity content areas contain complex, well designed reusable
html templates that will come in handy in the development of TV Quickies
templates to help provide an informational service to TV porogramming.

We've plans for the integration of video production into our workflow that
include using Satelite television reception, digitizing of video
programming, creating after effects for video programming and integrating
video on Oxygen web sites.

We've forged relationships with the We Sweat and Pure Oxygen television
production staffs and are scheduling regular meetings and dynamic feedback
technologies to aid in communication to and from the TV studios.

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