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John Bagus Haig
3227 Jena Street
New Orleans, LA 70125

To use my scientific, creative, technical and leadership skills as well as my deep understanding of interactive and online media to acquire a position as an administrator, director, programmer, senior project manager in the health care field.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Three years Director level management experience.
  • Produced 30+ Web sites for Oxygen, AdAge, Volvo, Kinko's, Sybase, Bigbook, Aetna and more.
  • 8 years UNIX experience. 13 years employment experience programming Macintosh's and PC's.
  • Advanced skills in Java, Apache, MySql, Perl, HTML, Javascript, SAS, Visual Basic, and Photoshop.
  • 4 years experience in field research, bio statistics, and scientific publishing.
  • Outgoing, a self-starter, friendly, enthusiastic. Able to work independently and in group settings.
University of Maryland - College Park, 1992-1993. Advanced studies in Biostatistics.?
University of Wisconsin - Madison 1989. B.S. in History of Science with a Life Science specialty.

Dispersal and habitat use by post-fledging Black-crowned Night-herons (Nycticorax nycticorax) and Snowy Egrets (Egretta thula) in coastal Virginia
R. Michael Erwin, John G. Haig, Daniel B. Stotts and Jeff S. Hatfield. Journal of the Colonial Waterbird Society.

Growth, Nest Success and Survival of Black-crowned Night-herons (Nycticorax nycticorax) and Sony Egret (Egretta thula) chicks in coastal Virginia: Implications for Biomonitoring.?
R. Michael Erwin, John G. Haig, Daniel B. Stotts and Jeff S. Hatfield. Journal of the Colonial Waterbird Society.

Index of the Journal of the Colonial Waterbird Society.?

My complete web site publication list is available.

Professional Experience:
Oxygen Media, Inc, San Francisco, CA, 1999-2001
Director of Web Development. Directed technical development of ThriveOnline.com, the 2000 (and 2001 People's Voice) Webby Award winning health and wellness portal. Hired and managed 7 person technical development staff; built interactive programs in Perl, HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Directed technology decisions for strategic partnerships, message boards, chat clients, Web server configuration, log maintenance, statistical analysis, and development software. Managed budgets and priorities. Contributed to annual strategic planning.

Bagus.org. San Francisco, CA, 1998-.
Executive Director and Programmer. Conceived of need for tools that make large scale web publishing projects easy to build and manage; built server and installed Apache, Apache Jserv, MySql, and GSP (http://www.bitmechanic.com/); programmed tools in Java; opened site for open discussion of human rights, environmental and consumer issues. New projects are expected launch in 2002.?

Independent Contracting, San Francisco, CA 1998-1999
Consulted and developed Web sites for proxinet.com, rogerdean.com, viewsllc.com, skystream.com and questus.com.?

Organic Online, San Francisco, CA, 1994-1997.
Production Manager. Produced and managed highly technical Web projects. Led meetings. Worked independently with clients, contractors, engineers, creative directors, and account managers. Wrote specifications, project plans, information architectures, requirements documents and many more internal documents.

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, Maryland, 1991-1994
Biological Technician. Conducted 4 years of avian research on shore birds, terns, wading birds and neotropical migrants. Managed field operations for banding, nest success and telemetry projects including personnel management, field logistics, and data collection. Performed advanced statistical analysis on data using SAS. Published research results in peer reviewed scientific journal. Completed two university courses in Bio Statistics;?

South Carolina Cooperative Research Unit (USFWS), February 1991 through April 1991
Biological Technician. Collected data and refined methods during the first field season of a shorebird community ecology research project designed to determine the usage of artificial impoundments and natural mudflats by shorebirds at Yawkey Wildlife Center. Caught over 1000 shorebirds using mist nets, and other traps; speciated birds in the field and in hand. Measured lean body masses using an "EM-SCAN" machine. Color banded birds. Surveyed study site for banded birds. Processed data using Lotus 123.

Micro Information Services, Mequon WI, , 1990.
Computer Installer. Drove delivery vehicles to location of installation, made contact with Information Systems professionals at locations. Installed memory boards, video boards, and network boards into computers and hooked computers on to various types of networks (25% of time on installations). Handled all shipping and receiving for MIS. Increased my familiarity with the latest networking and PC technology and trends (75% of time on office work).

Sir Tobias Clarke Real Estate Investments, London, England, 1990
Programmed and debugged a "cashbook" program made of interactive Visual Basic macros. Used the program to create financial reports. Assisted in the creation of budget projections and general organization of finances.

Department of Water Chemistry, The University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1989-1990
Computer and Laboratory Assistant, Processed lake sediment samples from Wisconsin lakes; filtered out different sized particles using filter, pumps, and chemical treatments; freeze dried samples; assisted in analyzing contents of samples using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography; weighed contents of samples using electronic analytical balances; processed data using SuperCalc 5 spreadsheet program on an IBM personal computer

Department of Learning Support Services (LSS), The University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI?
(a) Micro Computer Lab Proctor; (b) Audio Visual Program Technician. (a) Set up computer lab open to students and faculty that incorporated IBM and Macintosh computers and laser and dot matrix printers; performed software installations; monitored security at the lab; tutored and assisted students and faculty in the use of computers and software such as Word Perfect on the IBM's, and Excel, Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, PageMaker, FileMaker, Mac Pascal, Adobe Illustrator, Quark DTP, and many other applications on the Macintosh; managed hard drives and recovered hard disks. (b) Coordinated requests for AV equipment usage in classrooms; video taped classes and events; maintained AV equipment and video tape library. Programmed data processing software to handle equipment transactions.

Center for Limnology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI. 1989
Biological Computer Assistant. Organized field data for a limnological study and entered data on to a spreadsheet program; created graphs from the data using Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh. Used a MASSCOMP computer to back up and check accuracy on computer data; performed library searches for relevant literature.?

Department of English as a Second Language, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1988
Audio Visual Program Coordinator. Coordinated requests for AV equipment usage in classrooms and for special events by creating a schedule using Microsoft Excel for the Macintosh; increased efficiency of the AV program by 60% from the previous year; video taped classes and events; wrote a manual for the AV Coordinator position using Microsoft Word and Mac Paint; created a report that summarized AV usage using statistics from the schedule and made recommendations for the improvement of services; maintained AV equipment and video tape library.

Department of Biology, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND and World Wildlife Fund (U.S.) 1984
Biological Technician. Worked as an assistant for the first study of Piping Plover winter habits and habitats; censused over 800 miles of beach for shorebirds in Mexico and the United States; found over 700 Piping Plovers; acted as an English-Spanish interpreter for permit acquisition and logistics in Mexico; trapped and banded Piping Plovers; conducted aerial scans to evaluate habitat; assisted in writing progress reports for World Wildlife Fund use.?

Other employment experience includes life guarding, roadie-ing, waiting tables, and cooking.

Awards and honours:
2001 People's Choice Webby Award for best health Web site.
2000 Webby Award for best health Web site.
1992 USFWS Outstanding Employee Award

Computer Skills:
os: freebsd, linux, solaris, SGI, winNT, win98, Macintosh.
languages: java, sql, perl, fortran, visual basic.
applications: Excel, Word, Emacs,

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